What is the guarantee of the Blümchen cloth diapers?

We vouch for the proven Blümchen quality: Blümchen offers a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

Please always send us a copy of the original invoice together with the reason for the complaint. Justified warranty cases are exchanged immediately.

The Blümchen Warranty covers all areas of the fabric diaper and includes the velcro, the snaps, the waterproof fabrics, the elastic leg cuffs and the absorbent fabrics.

For example, manufacturing defects, i.e. unexpected defects in the product that affect the service life or function of the product:

  • Fabric defects/ faults (e.g. weaving faults or missing coating and thus missing waterproofness.)
  • Seams / processing errors (e.g. open seams or missing stitches - not due to fading during the use)
  • snap error (e.g. missing, broken or not properly closing buttons)
  • Elastic faults (e.g. elastics that have slipped or torn out of the base)
  • Velcro fault (e.g. if Velcro does not hold or if it was not correctly cut or sewn in)

This warranty does not cover the leakage of the cloth diaper, odor or normal signs of aging (unless these defects are caused by faulty manufacture or defective components). The warranty is void at

  • wear out
  • mechanical stress due to dryer or washing balls
  • heavy rubbing
  • Water temperatures above 60°C
  • Overheating in the dryer
  • Tear open the snap fasteners without counterholding
  • if the detergent contains unsuitable additives (stain remover, baking powder, vinegar, citric acid, enzymes, bleach, perfumes, ....)
  • fabric softener
  • barrier cream
  • fabric damages due to open hook (please use laundry tabs)

What is not covered by the guarantee of the Blümchen Cloth Diapers?

Wear: all textiles wear out with use. Of course, after one year the diapers don't look as new and blossom-white and smooth as when you bought them. Fabrics roughen up, become matt.

Stains on your Blümchen cloth diapers disappear best by UV light. To do this, hang the cloth diaper in the sun or place it on the windowsill. If you want to use fat creams or barrier creams for your baby, please always put paper liners on the diaper. These creams are very difficult to remove from the diaper.

If your Blümchen cloth diapers are leaking, please increase the absorbency of the cloth diaper with additional inserts. Or shorten the changing intervals.

If the fit is bad, please check that the diaper is in the waist and flush with the rest of the garment. Try to make the cloth diaper one size larger or smaller. To do this, open or close the snaps on the front.

If there is a bad smell, always rinse the Blümchen diapers carefully (extra rinse). Please make sure that your diapers always dry completely. Moist nappies start to stink and bacteria can colonise. Unsuitable detergents also leave residues that smell bad.